The Amsterdam Red Light District (in Dutch: Rosse Buurt) is a worldwide phenomenon, mainly because of legal window prostitution that takes place there. It’s characterized by its red lights and curtains in the windows. Nowadays the area doesn’t just serve for prostitution alone; it’s way more than that. It has become an area to go out for drinks or dancing. Shortly; there is a lot to discover about the nightlife of the Amsterdam Red Light District.

See the Amsterdam Red Light District

The Amsterdam Red Light District is full of bars and clubs to have a fun night out. If you would like to discover more about this district and all her secrets, then there are plenty of options to do so. You could do a self-guided walking tour or visit the Erotic Museum to buy some fun souvenirs.

You could also learn more about the secrets the Amsterdam Red Light District has to offer at the museum of prostitution. If you would like to attend a live sex show, then you should pay a visit to Casa Rosso, an erotic theater. Advice for when visiting the Amsterdam Red Light District: remember that you shouldn’t take pictures of the prostitutes, as they don’t appreciate being photographed!

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Party in Amsterdam

If you would like to party in Amsterdam, then you came to the right place! Amsterdam is full of bars and clubs that will guarantee a good night out. You might start your adventure at the Amsterdam Ice Bar where you get to have drinks in a bar entirely made out of ice! If you want to go out and have fun, then every night is a good time to party in Amsterdam.

You ought to consider the Amsterdam Nightlife ticket when going out in Amsterdam. This ticket is valid for seven days, gives you free entrance to a whole bunch of clubs and offers many discounts and free shots. Whatever your plans are when you are visiting the capital of the Netherlands during your holidays, just don’t miss out on the fascinating Amsterdam Red Light District!

The famous Amsterdam Red Light District