The Amsterdam Red Light District is probably the most well-known neighbourhood in the world. One of the reasons, is that prostitution in Holland is legal, as long as it is not street prostitution. Because of this regulated ‘market,' The Amsterdam Red Light District is a very safe and common destination for tourists. 

Situated in a central location, the Amsterdam Red Light District is spread over an area of approx. 6500 square meters. While walking around the Amsterdam Red Light District, you will see rows of glass windows. These are usually found in the canal streets. Behind these windows, the workers offer their services. However, there is much more to see in the Amsterdam Red Light District such as bars, coffee shops, and live shows.

What can you see in the Amsterdam Red Light District?

One popular tourist attraction within the Amsterdam Red Light District is the live show, Casa Rosso. This is a theater with an erotic live show that dates back to 1969. Although it’s not for the prudish amongst you, it’s probably far from sleazy. This show is popular with couples and large groups and is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the zone.

Whatever your views on the Amsterdam Red Light District, there’s no denying that it’s a fascinating place to visit. Don’t be put off from visiting by any preconceptions. It’s a very safe area and popular among tourists. You shouldn’t leave the Dutch capital without saying ‘I saw the Amsterdam Red Light District.’

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Where is it located on the map of Amsterdam?

The area is also known as ‘De Wallen’, and if you open the map of Amsterdam, you will find it situated right in the middle of the old centre surrounded by canals and alleys. Although it’s effortless to find, it could be a good idea to keep your map of Amsterdam handy as it’s easier to find your way through the streets. Apart from the shows and coffee shops, there are also a lot of cool bars to visit. So open up your map of Amsterdam and head to De Wallen!