It can be hard to tell as a visitor to a new city, which restaurants, cafes and bars are worth visiting and which you can skip. As your local guide we are happy to help you find the place to go for food and drinks while you are in Stockholm. Here we’ll share with you where to go for the best traditional Swedish dishes as well as vegan meals and even our favourite cocktail bars both in the city centre and other parts of Stockholm.

Try a traditional Swedish meal

For traditional fish dishes or oysters, we recommend you pay a visit to Tranan in Odenplan. Here, you’ll find yourself surrounded by locals and some of the dishes have been on the menu since Tranan opened in 1929. The restaurant’s interior is simple with bistro style table cloths but the food is delicious.

Another great option for traditional Swedish food is Pelikan, in the heart of Södermalm. Pelikan is set in a rustic beer hall, which creates a warm and relaxed atmosphere. The classic Swedish home fare is affordable here, which makes it popular with both locals and tourists. Try a glass of red wine with some salmon!

Take a break, enjoy Fika

Fika is an important part of life in Sweden. It is a moment to stop whatever you are doing just to enjoy a good cup of coffee and a pastry, to have a chat with your colleagues or feel the warm sun shining on your face. Fika can be enjoyed between meals or at any time of day really.

To enjoy your fika with a view, we recommend visiting Skeppsbro Bageri. They have very taste kanelbullar, a typically Swedish cinnamon roll. And with their location on Gamla Stan, you can watch the boats coming and going from the shore while you drink your coffee.

For a more traditional fika experience, Vete-Katten on main avenue Kungsatan is a great option. This traditional café-bar opened in the 1920s and the interior still fits this classic style. Vette-Katten is famous for its cakes and pastries for fika but also has a great lunch menu and fresh salty snacks.

Stockholm’s best places to eat and what to order there

Vegan treats

Stockholm is a very vegan-friendly destination with both vegan restaurants and great vegan options at regular restaurants. A not to miss vegan restaurant is Hermans in Södermalm, where you can enjoy a varied buffet with exquisite homemade bread and delicious, as well as lots of gluten free options. Here you can have a great meal, eat as much as you want and enjoy a great view of Stockholm’s islands.

If you are spending the day on Gamla Stan, then Hermitage is the vegan café to go to. This self-serve café has a buffet specialised in vegan and vegetarian dishes with an international flavour. It is the perfect place to grab a bite as you roam through the oldest streets of the city.

For the meat lovers

Swedish meatballs took over the world as IKEA stores spread far and wide. For the best real Swedish meatballs with lingonberry sauce and all the other traditional sides, you should put Meatballs for the People on your to-visit list. You can find them in Södermalm and they have vegetarian and vegan options as well.

If you are looking for a juicy burger and craft beer head to Gamla Stan’s Stora Nygatan, where you’ll find Barrels - burgers and beer. The bread is freshly baked each day by Bread & Salt on Skeppsbron to Barrels’ specifically designed wishes and the meat comes from the Swedish countryside. Even the vegetarian burgers are made from scratch in the restaurant itself.

For a unique experience, visit Aifur krog & bar on Västerlånggatan on Gamla Stan. This Viking tavern and feast hall recalls the olden days of Sweden with replicas of found in Viking tombs and excavations, as well as tapestries from Norway and drinking glasses from Germany. You’ll eat by candlelight, enjoy music and taste meat as if you were attending a real Viking banquet.

Stockholm’s best places to eat and what to order there

An Italian in Stockholm

Do you want a break from Swedish food and hope for the familiar and tasty flavours of Italy? Then you should go to one of Meno Male’s locations in the Swedish capital. You can find their real Napolitana pizza’s, which are considered the best in Stockholm, in Östermalm, Mariatorget and Kungsholmen.

Cool down with an ice cream

Whether you are looking for dessert or want to cool down on a warm summer’s day, there are two great ice cream shops we recommend in Stockholm. Stikkinikki has nine pink shops spread throughout Stockholm where you can get some delicious gelato. The gelato is made with organic ingredients without additives or flavourings, and half the flavours are vegan.

Another great option for ice cream is Snö Gelateria. Here they make traditional Italian gelato, dense and rich in flavour with both unique blends and time-tested classics to choose from. There are four Snö shops throughout the city, so together with Stikkinikki you’re never far away from a good ice cream.

Cocktail time

For a lovely cocktail with a view head to Brunkebergstorg in Norrmalm, where you can find two great cocktail rooftop bars: Stockholm under Stjärnorna (SUS) and TAK. SUS’s rooftop bar sits 50 metres above the streets of central Stockholm and offers DJs, movies and cocktails. At TAK the cocktails combine Nordic and Japanese flavours for a unique experience. Both bars are certain to offer you a great night in Stockholm.

Stockholm’s best places to eat and what to order there