If you are planning a visit to Amsterdam in the summer of 2025 you will want be here at the end of August. This is the time when the biggest maritime event in the world comes back to Amsterdam. We are, of course, talking about SAIL Amsterdam, and the though it is still over a year away we can’t wait for it to start. Read on the find out what we know now about this spectacular experience.

What and when is SAIL Amsterdam 2025?

SAIL Amsterdam celebrates maritime heritage and culture with tall ships, navy ships, heritage ships, ships from the Dutch fleet, and various festivities and cultural events. SAIL Amsterdam takes place over 5 days and brings millions of visitors to the city. Normally the event takes place every 5 years, but due to the global circumstances it had to be cancelled in 2020.

This is only one factor which will make SAIL 2025 bigger and better than ever. SAIL Amsterdam 2025 is a triple celebration: it will be the 10th edition, as well as its 50th anniversary, and the city of Amsterdam will celebrate its 750th birthday as well! SAIL Amsterdam 2025 will take place from 20 to 24 August 2025.

SAIL Amsterdam: the biggest party in summer 2025

What are the main events of SAIL Amsterdam?

The 5 day event starts with the extraordinary sight of the SAIL IN, when all the ships (hundreds of them) make their way through the North Sea Canal to Amsterdam, to carefully dock behind the Central Station and around the Eastern Docklands. Watching the SAIL IN is an event in itself, with many locals vying for the best viewing spots.

The next three days are filled with events, with parts of the city along the IJ river designated to different activities. The fleet will be on display in the Heart of the city, more intimate events are held in the so called Living Room of the Easter Islands. The Western Islands will host the hospitality area of the event, while the northern side of the IJ river will feature a Young & Urban area as well as a place to consider the future of the maritime industry.

Only a few of the many activities that are expected have been announced, and they give only a hint of what is to come. Amongst them are speed dating and getting married on a Tall Ship, playing games and sports on the water, and viewing the amazing ships from a LOVERS Canal Cruise boat. Each evening will end with a spectacular show, making each day an incredible experience.

On the last day, all the ships depart the city during the SAIL OUT. This closing ceremony is almost as spectacular as the SAIL IN, and gives another great opportunity to see the many Tall Ships and other vessels in action.

What makes SAIL Amsterdam different from other maritime events?

There are other maritime heritage events in the world but Amsterdam stands above the others in multiple ways. Other maritime heritage events around the world include Bremerhaven SAiL in Germany, Armada Rouen in France, Tall Ships Festival in Halifax, Canada, and Sail Baltimore, USA. But none of these events in quite live up to SAIL Amsterdam.

While the Amsterdam event only takes place every 5 years and the others happen more frequently, the Dutch event lasts longer. On average there also a lot more ships to be seen in Amsterdam, in 2025 there are over 800 ships expected to come the city. With the event being longer and more ships to see, there are also far more visitors for the Amsterdam event.

SAIL Amsterdam: the biggest party in summer 2025