When you are planning to go to Kinderdijk during your visit to Holland, the first question that comes to mind is probably: how to get to Kinderdijk? There are many ways to get to Kinderdijk. You can go by car, bike, or public transport.

Kinderdijk is easily reachable by car and there is a parking space with surveillance near the windmills. Another option to get to Kinderdijk is by bike. It is somewhat of an exercise depending on where your starting point is, but it is one of the best and authentic ways of seeing the windmills and the Dutch landscape. In most Dutch cities you can rent a bike and before you know it you’re off to see the countryside.

Ferry to Rotterdam

A common way to get to Kinderdijk is with the ferry from Rotterdam. This ferry is called the ‘Waterbus’ in Dutch. It sails from Rotterdam and Dordrecht to Kinderdijk and back again. It is a 30-minute trip and you can take your bike with you for free.

The view from the ferry to Rotterdam or Dordrecht is fantastic and shows you some of the best Dutch sceneries. When you get off the ferry, you can easily take the bus to the Kinderdijk windmills. So our answer to the question how to get to Kinderdijk is clear, hop on your bike and then take the ferry!

How to get to Kinderdijk?

What to do in Kinderdijk?

Now you know how to get to Kinderdijk, we also have some tips on what to do in Kinderdijk. If you don’t feel like cycling to Kinderdijk, you can rent a bike once you’re in Kinderdijk. The countryside surrounding the windmills are perfect for a relaxing bike ride.

You can also explore the area on foot, by boat or even by horse tram. This classical tram will take you past all the sights in the most authentic way possible. Don’t forget to see one of the windmills from the inside. Some of the windmills are open to the public and the miller is happy to show you how they work. Now you know how to get to Kinderdijk and what to do there, the only thing left to do is go.