Celebrate Father’s Day in Amsterdam

Celebrate Father’s Day in Amsterdam

Are you in Amsterdam this Father’s Day and looking for fun things to do with your dad? Don’t look any further. Below will give you plenty of ideas for a great day in town with dad! Celebrate this Father’s Day in Amsterdam and treat your father to the best experiences.A bartender at the Amsterdam Icebar.

Father’s Day gift ideas

So you could give your father a tie or a pair of socks, but what is more fun than giving him a day out together with his children? Here are some good options:

Heineken Experience

Is your dad a beer lover? Then a trip to the Heineken Experience is the perfect gift. Take a look inside the old Heineken factory turned attraction and learn all there is to know about the famous golden liquor. Including two free beers!

Amsterdam Icebar

Is your dad a bit of a party animal and do you want to take him to a bar that is a little different? Try the Amsterdam Icebar. Inside it is a chilling -10 degrees Celcius! Everything is made out of ice, even the glasses you drink from. But don’t worry you’ll get a coat, gloves, and three free drinks to keep you warm.


For a little more of an educational experience go to BODY WORLDS. You’ll go on a fascinating journey through the human body. The exhibition is filled with real plastinated human bodies that will give you a good understanding of what you look like on the inside. 

Museums in the city

Is your dad more a museum kind of guy? No worries, Amsterdam offers a wide range of first-rate museums. Learn about the life of Vincent in the Van Gogh Museum, see the world famous Night Watch in the Rijksmuseum or discover modern art in the Moco Museum. For everybody's taste, a museum can be found in Amsterdam.

Ripley’s Believe it or Not!

When you take your dad to Ripley’s Believe it or Not you’ll be in for a visit full of surprises. This museum is the world of weird, with a remarkable collection of oddities. See the tallest man on earth, walk through a Space Tunnel, discover a robot made from car parts and much more.

Burger and pizza cruise

This Burger and Pizza cruise offers an excellent finale to a day in Amsterdam. Step aboard the boat from LOVERS canal cruises and enjoy a delicious burger or pizza while cruising on the historic canals. Unlimited drinks are included. The entrance of Ripley's Amsterdam.

When is Father’s Day

Father’s Day is on different days around the world, but most countries celebrate on the 3rd Sunday of June. This includes the United States, United Kingdom and also the Netherlands. This year we’ll treat are fathers to something extra on the 16th of June 2019.

So what are you waiting for? Get your dad tickets to fantastic things to do in Amsterdam and offer him a day he won’t soon forget.


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