The equinox on March 20 officially welcomes spring in Sweden. Soon after, the season will show itself in full bloom: warmer weather, blooming flower buds and crisp, green twigs. This is the ideal time of the year to discover the country’s beautiful nature, be it in parks or just outside of Stockholm, and explore the city with a kayak or bike. Make the most out of your trip to Stockholm with our spring itinerary!

Celebrate Valborg

While spring starts on March 20, April 30 is one of Sweden’s biggest holidays. This festivity called Valborg, translating to warming bonfire, officially celebrates the arrival of spring with partying in parks and lightning large bonfires after long and dark winters.

There are many opportunities to celebrate the arrival of spring in the Swedish capital. Popular and big celebrations take place in the Gamla stan or in Stockholm’s open-air museum Skansen. The bonfire happenings are even accompanied by fireworks, good food, processions as well as dancing and live music in some places. The whole experience is often free.

Sweden's oldest amusement park

Gröna Lund, the country’s oldest amusement park, is beautifully located on the on the southwest corner of Djurgården and opens in late spring ever year. With 30 different rides and countless snack and food stalls, including six restaurants, Gröna Lund is a fun and thrilling experience for young and old. The program is further enriched by other entertaining events such as concerts, children’s days and dance evenings.

Whether you're in the mood for exhilarating rides, such as going upside down on the 34-metre-high Monster Rollercoaster or dashing towards the ground at 100 kilometres per hour from a height of 80 metres on the Giant Drop, taking a ride on the classic Chain Carousel or competing with your family on the bumper cars, this traditional amusement park has something for everyone!

8 things to do in Stockholm in spring

The largest water lily in the world

Bergius Botanic Garden, is Stockholm’s botanical garden, beautifully located nearby the Brunnsviken lake on Djurgården. The blooming flower beds, the herb garden as well as plantation of fruits are especially beautiful in spring and summer. This place is not only a paradise for plant-lovers with its thousands of trees, shrubs and herbs from all around the world, it is also home to the biggest water lily in the world.

At the conservatory, you can discover plants from the Mediterranean climate and the tropics as well as tropical and aquatic plants at the Victoria House. Make sure not to miss out on the giant water lilies. Their leaves are spreading to a diameter of 2,6 meters, making it the largest water lily in the world and one of the highlights in the Victoriahuset.

Rent a bike

Warmer temperatures in spring invite visitors to tour and explore the city in the open air. One of the easiest way to see Stockholm is to rent a bike. With its bike paths and bike lanes, the Swedish capital is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world. Hence, it is not only easy but also a very safe way of travelling around here.

You can either rent a bike to go exploring on your own or you can join a guided bike tour, such as the Wooden Bike Tour. For this two hour long tour you will be provided with a handcrafted wooden bike.

8 things to do in Stockholm in spring

Visit Ulriksdal Palace

Ulriksdal Palace lies on the banks of Edsviken Lake in the National City Park in Stockholm. The palace was built in the 1600s, so that visitors can find traces of many different era within the walls of the palace to this day that were left by numerous Swedish regents. One of the highlights of the Palace in spring is the pleasure garden as well as the Orangery.

Queen Kristina built the pleasure garden in front of the palace, while an Orangery was built by Hedvig Elenora in the park. Guided tours are included in the entrance fee. Furthermore, the Orangery consists of numerous collections from Swedish sculptures as well as a café.  

Cherry Blossoms in Kungsträdgården

The King's Garden is situated across the water from the Royal Palace and is the most central park in the Stockholm. The park hosts over 200 events every year, from festivals to an ice skating rink, is open to the public all the year round.

In August 1998, 63 Sakura trees were planted in the park and now each spring, usually in April, everyone in the city can enjoy the lovely light pink to white blossoms and their scent. If you can't find the blossoms on your own, ask a local to point you in the direction of the körsbärsträd, cherry tree in Swedish.

8 things to do in Stockholm in spring

Rent a canoe or kayak

Since Stockholm is made up of numerous islands, it is the ideal destination to explore with a canoe or kayak. From the city centre, you can find plenty of opportunities to rent a boat and go on a tour yourself or with a guide. From Rålis Kayak, for example, you can easily see the City Hall, Djurgården and Gamla stan, Stockholm’s famous Old Town, from the water.

Alternatively, you can flee the busy capital and discover the beauty of the Stockholm Archipelago. True Nature Sweden offers multiple tours around the beautiful nature preserve where you can learn all about the local flora and fauna. Witness how nature slowly awakens during the spring season, you might even get lucky and spot a seal. Depending on the weather, you'll also get the chance to swim in one of Stockholm's many lakes.

Sculpture park on Lidingö

An attraction off the beaten path is the Millesgården sculpture park on the Herserud Cliff on the island of Lidingö. The artists Carl and Olga Milles once planned to build their home including art studious here but along with their success grew their ideas.

Today, you can find sculptures in an Italian style garden with terraces and stairways, fountains and columns. The sculptures include some of Carl Milles most famous works along with original castings and tools in a large art studio. From here you also have a breath-taking view over the Värten inlet towards Stockholm at Millesgården, making it the wonderful location to visit at the beginning of the year.