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General information

  • Kids 0-12 enter for free
  • For current opening hours see the website ARTIS-Micropia
  • Location: Plantage Kerklaan 38, Amsterdam
  • E-ticket directly available on smartphone
  • It is not possible to cancel your tickets. For questions about the products, please contact
  • ARTIS-Micropia has its own privacy policy, general terms and conditions and the rules for a safe visit. Please read it prior to your visit.


  • Visit the world’s first and only museum of microbes
  • Step into the kiss-o-meter and find out what happens to the microbes in your mouth during a kiss
  • Take a journey through your body with the body scan and find out what microbes live there

Discover the invisible life of microbes

They are invisible yet all around us: microbes. ARTIS-Micropia, the world’s first museum and only museum about microbes, uncovers the fascinating world of microorganisms and how they influence our day-to-day life. This one-of-a-kind attraction that opened in 2014 gives you a unique glimpse into the microscopic world surrounding us.

ARTIS-Micropia is a high-tech and immersive multimedia experience that will let you enter the realm of what’s usually hidden from our eyes. State-of-the-art microscopes, interactive games and modern equipment bring the world of our powerful little neighbours to life, making the award winning exhibitions an unforgettable experience for adults and children alike!

The most powerful life on earth

Around two-thirds of life on earth are microorganisms that you cannot see without a microscope. In fact, they are so small that one million bacteria can fit onto the tip of a pin! So while the micro-world may be invisible to us, they are crucial to our world and our bodies. Microorganism like moulds, bacteria, viruses or yeasts are essential in the circle of life, without them life on earth wouldn’t be possible.

ARTIS-Micropia introduces you to a fascinating collection of microbes. Learn more about the nonillion bacteria (that is a 1 with 30 zeros!) living on earth and how they adapted to nearly every type of environment and extreme conditions within the 3,5 billion years they’ve inhabited the earth.

Take a closer look at how microbes around you influence your life! Find out what the microorganisms have to do with your breakfast and how they protect your skin or how many of them live on your phone. Collect your favourite microbes and find all their diverse eggs during an egg hunt, create your own collection and bring them to life on the Microbe Wall.

Book your ARTIS-Micropia tickets here

Book your tickets for ARTIS-Micropia quickly and comfortably right here. Prepare yourself for a unique look into the world of microbes and discover life around you from a new perspective during your visit in Amsterdam. Micropia is conveniently located next to the ARTIS Royal Zoo. To buy combination tickets for both of these fascinating attractions, click here.

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