ARTIS-Groote Museum – Asking the big questions

ARTIS-Groote Museum – Asking the big questions

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General information

  • Entrance next to the Chilean flamingos
  • Location: Artisplein, Plantage Middenlaan 41, Amsterdam
  • Child ticket: 0-12 years old
  • Opening hours: 
    Friday - Wednesday: 10.00 - 17.00
    Thursday: 10.00 - 22.00
  • E-ticket directly available on smartphone
  • Tickets can be rescheduled up to 48 hours in advance, tickets cannot be cancelled
  • By public transport, you can take tram 14 from Amsterdam Central Station to the ARTIS stop. Tram 7 and 19 stop at Alexanderplein, a short walk from ARTIS-Groote Museum. The nearest metro station is Waterlooplein, a ten-minute walk from ARTIS-Groote Museum.
  • For questions about the product, please contact


  • Experience a world full of scents in the scent tunnel
  • Compete with a chimpanzee in a game of memory
  • Compare your spine to that of a flamingo or sea anemone

Different and yet so similar

The ARTIS-Groote Museum consists of 14 interconnected zones, each explores a different part of the human body and how it connects us to animals, plants, microbes and even the Earth itself. You’ll be surprised by how connected we are to the rest of the natural world.

Our intestines have the same purpose as tree roots. And when we crawl on the ground as infants we move in the exact same way as a crocodile. Humans try to control so much of the world, that we sometimes forget that we are only just a small part of the whole and that the things we do affect not only ourselves but also the rest of the living world.

An interactive experience

At the ARTIS-Groote Museum you learn with all your senses. Experience how your sense of smell can help you to relive memories and stir emotions in the scent tunnel. And test your memory against that of a chimpanzee in a lightning-fast game.

You can join a short group activity, such as games or talks. Do an experiment in a tent or simply meditate. There are different activities to do throughout the day, so there is always something new and something exciting to try your hand at.

Look at the world from a new perspective

Are you ready to have your world view challenged and changed? When the Groote Museum first opened in 1855 for members of the zoological society Natura Artis Magistra, we humans saw ourselves as being separate from the rest of the world and the inside of the museum matched this view. Today, we know humans, animals, plants and microbes are all part of the same planet, and today the newly reopened museum reflects this world view.

Get your tickets to the ARTIS-Groote Museum right now and prepare to see the world with new eyes, while walking around the oldest museum building in Amsterdam. You’ll be asking the big questions throughout your experience in the museum but once you leave, you will continue to ask “Where are we headed next?”.

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