Historical Things To Do In Copenhagen

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European cities have long lasting histories and much of this history can still be seen in the cities themselves as well as in attractions and museums. Copenhagen dates back to the 10th century, Amsterdam dates back to the 12th century, as does Berlin, and Rotterdam to the 13th century, Stockholm has been settled since the Stone Age and also became a true city in the 13th century.

Historical things to do

Because our favourite cities date so far back, there are plenty of historical things to do and see. You can visit historical buildings and historical sites with a city tour. Or discover the cities from the water with historical canal tours. The historic city centres often only require you to look up from the ground level to see some historical details.

Most cities also have historical museums, such as national museums which display a country’s history through art and objects. Or historical attractions, which explore a part of a city or country’s history in a fun and interactive way, such as the icebars in Amsterdam and Berlin or Skansen in Stockholm.

Historical landmarks in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Berlin, Stockholm and Rotterdam

Our favourite European cities are filled with historical landmarks and historical places to visit. From the Delfshaven neighbourhood in Rotterdam, to Gamla Stan in Stockholm, Nyhavn in Copenhagen, Mitte in Berlin and the canals in Amsterdam. Wherever you go, you’ll be surrounded by history.