Animals Things To Do In Berlin

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Whether you visit a zoo in spring to see the new born animals or an aquarium in winter to escape the cold weather, being surrounded by animals from all around the world is always a magical and memorable experience. You can find animals in all sorts of attractions, though zoos and aquariums are the most obvious.

Do you want to visit one of the oldest zoos in the world? In Stockholm, Amsterdam and Rotterdam you can visit zoos and an open-air museums which date back to the 19th century and remain incredible experiences. Meanwhile, Berlin and Copenhagen will take you under the sea in their aquariums.

See the animals of the world and beyond

You don’t have to leave Europe to see the animals of the Savannah or the Amazon. And you don’t have to go deep sea diving to see the animals that live in the deep. Wander through butterfly houses, meet native Scandinavian animals and even take a trip to space. You can do it all when you visit the animals in these amazing attractions.