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A bike tour allows you to see more of a city than a walking tour but is more intimate and sustainable than a bus tour. Many of Europe’s main cities have great biking infrastructure, with Amsterdam and Copenhagen being two of the top biking cities in the world. This makes biking tours save, fun and unforgettable.

Guided bike tours can take you to places beyond the city centre, to the hidden gems of city’s that you might not find on your own. When you rent a bike you can go exploring to your own hearts content, making that much more of a city available to you. Can’t decide which you prefer? Than you can always try both options.

The Dutch city’s of Amsterdam and Rotterdam are easily some of the most bikeable city’s in the world and you are sure to find unexpected sights along the way. Find a windmill in the city of Amsterdam itself and travel across some of the most iconic bridges in Rotterdam for amazing views across the river.