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Looking for a fun activity that includes food? Look no further, we got you covered. The food a city serves can tell you a lot about a city including its history and culture. A single dish can have the same name but look and taste very different when you go elsewhere.

Something as simple as a pancake is completely different around the world and even eaten at different times of day. The thick fluffy breakfast food from the United States becomes a thinner and larger in the Netherlands, where it is often eaten for dinner, while in Denmark they get thinner still, get a crispy edge and are eaten for dessert or as a snack.

Another snack that is different around the world is the dumpling, which comes in all shape and flavours. From the Swedish potato-based Kroppkaka and Palt to the German bread-based Semmelknödel and Serviettenknödel, or all the way to the Chinese Wonton and Shumai. It might be different around the world but they are all just as tasty.

Which activity with food will you try during your city trip? Will you choose a cheese-tasting or an unlimited pancake buffet? You can get your tickets here and start salivating at the delicious options.