Selected by Locals


  1. 1. Cruise like a local € 24.50
  2. 2. Giethoorn Tour € 75.00
  3. 3. Body Worlds Amsterdam -10% € 18.00
  4. 4. The Secrets of Amsterdam -12% € 23.00
  5. 5. XtraCold Icebar -13% € 19.00

Cruise like a local

Choose your own route as you cruise along Amsterdam’s famous canals. Cruise Like A Local offers a unique sightseeing experience and includes 2 drinks.

€ 24.50

Dinner Cruise

Enjoy the chef’s finest culinary creations as you cruise through Amsterdam’s historic canal district under the stars. Go on a magical Amsterdam dinner cruise!

€ 89.00
Amsterdam Canal Cruise -10%

Amsterdam Canal Cruise

Experience Amsterdam like never before and relax as you enjoy the spectacular sights. Just hop on the boat and get to know everything about this amazing city!

€ 18.00 € 16.00
Countryside & Windmills Tour -24%

Countryside & Windmills Tour

+ FREE 1 H. AMSTERDAM CANAL CRUISE! The Dutch Countryside and Windmills of North Holland are a must-see during your holiday in Amsterdam. Discover them with one of our fantastic guided tours! (departure 09.15)

€ 73.00 € 55.00

Giethoorn Tour

Discover Giethoorn, a fairy-tale village that’s famous for having no roads or cars. Cruise through the beautiful canals and enjoy the enchanting sights. (Available from June 1st - August 31st)

€ 75.00
Bruges Tour -16%

Bruges Tour

+ FREE 1 H. AMSTERDAM CANAL CRUISE! Discover the beautiful canals and medieval architecture of one of UNESCO’s most popular world heritage sites: Bruges! Enjoy a fun day in this magical city.

€ 113.00 € 95.00
XtraCold Icebar -13%

XtraCold Icebar

The one and only Amsterdam Ice Bar is an extraordinary venue in the centre of Amsterdam. What sets it apart from the rest? It’s made entirely out of ice!

€ 21.95 € 19.00
Heineken Experience -10%

Heineken Experience

Discover one of Amsterdam’s most famous attractions: the Heineken Experience! A high-tech tour through the company’s old factory is an unforgettable experience!

€ 18.00 € 16.00
Body Worlds Amsterdam -10%

Body Worlds Amsterdam

Discover the secrets of the human body in the company of over 200 real anatomical models in this fascinating exhibition, right in the heart of Amsterdam.

€ 20.00 € 18.00
Artis Royal  Zoo -5%

Artis Royal Zoo

Enjoy an unforgettable day in one of the oldest and most fascinating zoos in Europe. The ARTIS Royal Zoo contains an aquarium, planetarium and much more!

€ 21.50 € 20.50


Visit the beautiful Rijksmuseum and save money through Tours & Tickets. This fantastic museum features works by some of history’s most influential artists!

€ 17.50

Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh Museum houses the world’s largest collection of paintings, drawings and letters by Vincent van Gogh. Don’t miss it on your trip to Amsterdam!

€ 17.00
Stedelijk Museum -28%

Stedelijk Museum

Discover one of the world’s most important collections of modern art, contemporary art and design. Book a trip to Amsterdam’s fascinating Stedelijk Museum!

€ 17.50 € 12.50

NEMO Science Museum

Discover how science works in a fun and interactive way! The incredible NEMO Children’s Science Museum is just a short walk away from Central Station.

€ 16.50


What’s better than a local telling you about the best things to do in their city? Nothing right? They will give you the insights that you wouldn’t have found on your own. Amsterdam locals have selected the best attractions, tours, and museums in Amsterdam especially for you. These Amsterdam insider tips help you find the best things to do and if this isn’t your first trip to Amsterdam they might help you discover something new.

The recommendations

There are so many things to do in Amsterdam, that it’s sometimes hard to choose. Let the people who live here and have actually done it all help you along with a selection of local favorites. Take a cruise on the beautiful historic canals like the Amsterdam locals would do, with a small boat cruise that lets you decide where you want to go and what you want to see. Of course, the beautiful Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh museum are included in their list, but the Amsterdam locals also added some lesser known museums that are worth a visit like the NEMO Science Museum. The NEMO Science Museum is an interactive and educational museum for the entire family. BODY WORLDS is also a favorite among the Amsterdam locals. This exhibition of the human body is an unforgettable experience. But sometimes the locals want to escape the city and venture to the nearby countryside. You can have the same experience on the Countryside & Windmills Tour.

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