Niet de klucht van de koe

Niet de klucht van de koe

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Important info

  • Date & Time:
    Tuesday 14 August 2018, 21:00 h. 
    Wednesday 15 August 2018, 19:00 h.
  • Location:
    Festivalcentrum Het Compagnietheater
    Kloveniersburgwal 50
  • Duration:
    1 hour


  • Laetitia Gerards | soprano
  • Merlijn Runia | soprano
  • David Visser | bariton
  • Warre Simons | director
  • Dodó Kis | recorder
  • André Lourenco | harpsichord, bass guitar
  • Miron Andres | viola da gamba
  • Jornt Duyx | guitar
  • Remco Menting | percussion
  • Rosa Schützendorf | costume design, set design, light design
  • Lisanne van Aert | text
  • Nicolò Foron | conductor
  • Brechtje | composer 

Niet de klucht van de koe

Take the three main characters from the classic Dutch story ‘De klucht van de koe’ from poet and writer Gerbrand Adriaenszoon Bredero and make it an opera as a homage. Then you will get ‘Niet de klucht van de koe.’ 400 years after the death of Bredero you can witness this performance at the Canal Festival. The Kameroperahuis uses prog-rock, baroque instruments, wry rhythms and sweet melodies to disturb the rural tranquility. Bredero's iconic trio, the cow, the farmer and the thief, has finally left the innocent universe of the comedy and awaken in an absurd, dark and physical music drama.


The performance is made and performed by the Kameroperahuis in collaboration with the Canal Festival Amsterdam. The Kameroperahuis is a production house for musical theater. They support young national talents in creating and performing contemporary music theater. ‘Niet de klucht van de koe’ is composed by Brechtje, directed by Warre Simons and written by Lisanne van Aert. The leading roles are played by Laetitia Gerards (the thief), Merlin Runia (the cow) and David Visser (the farmer).

The Compagnietheater

In a former church of the Restored Lutheran Church, you will find the Compagnietheater. The theater is currently in an experimental period of a year called CT Collective. Experiments with programming will take place in this year. CT Collective is looking for a theater in which all forms of art get a place. Social themes are the primary focus, but urban programming also has a prominent place. ‘Niet de klucht van de koe’ fits perfectly in this experimental year of the Compagnietheater. This prog-rock opera is a performance like you have never experienced before. Buy your tickets for this unique show during the Canal Festival 2018 and don’t miss out!

Please note: all spoken word in this performance is in Dutch.  

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