Berend & DeKlerk: De laatste vuurtorenwachter

Berend & DeKlerk: De laatste vuurtorenwachter

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Important info

  • Date & Time:
    Tuesday 14 August 2018, 10:00 h. 
  • Location:
    Departure point ferry: Oostelijke Handelskade 34
  • Duration:
    3 hours, including the ferry ride


  • Berend & de Klerk
  • Mattia Petrogalli | trombone
  • Saskia Bonarius | director

Berend & DeKlerk: De laatste vuurtorenwachter

For four generations, the Engel family guarded Lighthouse Island (Vuurtoreneiland in Dutch). The nearby fishermen call the family the Engelbewaarders (guardian angels). Due to the modern technology of today, lighthouse keepers are no longer needed, and thus it is time for the last descendant of the Engel family to leave the island and live on the mainland. But he asks himself, do I have to adapt to modern life now, even though there is not really a place for me there or do I have to maintain the old traditions and customs despite the fact that nobody is interested in them anymore? This story inspired the performance by Berend & DeKlerk during the Canal Festival Amsterdam.

The Duo

Berend Eijkhout and Sofie de Klerk met at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. He is a baritone, and she plays the accordion. They play a classical song repertoire, but also folk music and chansons. They add other people's lyrics, but also their own lyrics to the music, so their performances become musical theater. For this concert, they collaborated with Italian trombonist Mattia Petrogalli and director Saskia Bonarius.

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The performance takes place on Vuurtoreneiland Amsterdam. You can reach the island by ferry. For years the island was not accessible to the public, but since 2013 a restaurant has been established on the island through a redevelopment plan, and there is a place for performances. The ferry departs from the Oostelijke Handelskade 34. This is the quay before the Lloyd Hotel. Make sure that you are present 15 minutes in advance so that you don’t miss the boat. Reserve your place now for this compelling performance.



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