Sunday 13/8: History of Peoples

Sunday 13/8: History of Peoples

€ 16.00

Important info

  • Date & Time:
    Sunday 13 August 2017, 20:30 h. 
  • Location:
    De Duif
    Prinsengracht 756
  • Duration:
    1 hour


  • Daahoud Salim | Piano, composer
  • Rosanne Philippens | violin
  • Aristos Quartet


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History of Peoples

This year pianist and composer Daahoud Salim is commissioned for the Grachtenfestival composition based on festival theme ‘In Stijl’.

Daahoud: “The work has become more or less a poem. It is a story about human history, its richness and rituals, the joy of its existence and the ways in which it is celebrated, the accompanying music. The nomad existence of mankind, the lies in history, all what is forgotten, the suffering, the slavery, the wars and genocides, the loneliness of the human voice and at the same time the solidarity.” 

Daahoud wrote the work for violinist Rosanne Philippens: “The last time we played together was a small composition that I had written for her. It made me feel that she deserved something really big, that would suit her. Rosanne is the kind of musician whose play inspires me. As soon as I knew that ‘In Stijl’ was the theme, I couldn’t think of someone more stylish than Rosanne.”

‘Poem: History of Peoples', is written for solo violin and a piano quintet. Daahoud has found his perfect musicians with the Aristos Quartet and Rosanne.

In 2015 Daahoud won the Grachtenfestival Conservatorium Concours. He studies jazz as well as classical piano.

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