Body Scan at BODY WORLDS Amsterdam

Body Scan at BODY WORLDS Amsterdam

Museums Attractions 30 April, 2019

Take a deep dive inside your own body with the Body Scan at BODY WORLDS Amsterdam. New in the exhibition since the beginning of this year are the InBody Machines. These machines will show you your body composition and how balanced you are. It is completely free (worth € 35) when you visit BODY WORLDS. At the end of the exposition, you’ll find an area with four InBody machines. Take your shoes and socks off, step on the machine and hold the handles. The machine will then start scanning you. This is completely pain- and harmless. When it’s done, the machine will print a result sheet with all your measurements on it.

See what you’re made of!

So, you’ve done the scan, but you’re still wondering what those results mean. Let us help you out. Most of the time if people want to know if they’re well proportioned they calculate their BMI. The problem with BMI is that your height and weight do not determine whether you are healthy or not. Your body composition gives you a more accurate idea, that is why this is what you’ll see on your result sheet. You can see your fat mass, muscle mass, and body fat percentage for example. This will give you a clear look at what you might want to improve.

Improve that body composition

And now it’s time to improve! As a tourist, you walk around a lot and you might try your hand at an attraction or two. At the end of the day, you sometimes feel like you’ve run a marathon. Your result sheet will show some points of approvement, so next time you go on a city trip you’ll feel less worn out. For most people, this can be divided into two categories: losing fat and gaining muscle mass. But it could also be something smaller, like upping your water intake. Have you improved a lot and do you want to do the check again? Then take your result sheet with you to BODY WORLDS and you’ll get free entrance to the exhibition so you can do another measurement.

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