Amsterdam Icebar discount

Amsterdam Icebar discount

Nightlife Attractions 30 August, 2017

Willem Barentsz is a famous Dutch explorer with a fantastic story worth telling. The Amsterdam Icebar lets you experience this remarkable story. Let us tell you all about this world traveler that got stuck in the ice and also give you some tips on how to get an Amsterdam Icebar discount. Two birds with one stone. Amsterdam Icebar discount tickets give you access to a bar that is kept at a constant temperature of -10 degrees Celsius and where everything is made out of ice. A real Arctic experience. You will get clothing to protect you from the cold, a luxury the crew of Willem Barentsz ship didn’t have.

Willem Barentsz

The Icebar Amsterdam tells the story of Willem Barentsz. The Dutchman was a navigator, cartographer, and Arctic explorer. His main goal was to find the Northeast Passage, an Arctic Ocean shipping route connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. His first two attempts weren’t a success as this ships were forced to return due to the ice in the Kara Sea. His third attempt wasn’t a success either, but it was the most famous one. Again the ship couldn’t sail any further because of the ice, but this time it couldn’t turn around and became stuck in the ice. The crew was stranded on an island called Nova Zembla, much like you will be stranded in the ice in the Icebar Amsterdam. The crew spent almost a year on the island, building their house from the remains of the ship and killing and eating polar bears and arctic foxes. When spring came and the ice melted enough the crew left Nova Zembla to return home.

Amsterdam Icebar discount

Let Willem Barentsz lead you to the cold and experience Nova Zembla just like back in the day. Enjoy the experience while you drink a beer or a vodka shot to stay warm. Reserve your tickets now and get an Amsterdam Icebar discount. Our website offers a small price for a fantastic experience. Amsterdam Icebar discount tickets offer you a great night out that you won’t forget anytime soon. Prepare for the cold and step into the Icebar!

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